Principles of Project Finance

2nd Edition, 2014

Academic Press / Elsevier, 2014 金融財政事情研, 2014 中国金融出版社, 2017
ISBN: 0123910587 ISBN: 4322123023 ¦ Amazon Japan ISBN: 9787504989550

“Principles of Project Finance” is a practical guide offering a systematic approach to project finance, which is used throughout the world as a method of financing energy, process plant (e.g. power-generation projects), infrastructure (including public-private partnerships) and natural-resources projects.

Project finance is used for financing projects which are dependent on cash flows, derived from contractual relationships, for repayment. By their very nature, such projects rely on integrated contractual arrangements for successful completion and operation. Because project finance dictates every aspect of a project’s development and contracts, all participants need to understand how this type of financing works and how the financial structure affects their rôles.

The book therefore follows the typical project-development process from procurement to financial close, to demonstrate the principles which underlie the structuring of long-term debt finance for major projects. It focuses on concepts and techniques without being too academic or getting lost in the detail of case studies, and is intended both as an introduction to project finance for students and a working handbook for practitioners involved in any aspect of a project.

The second edition of this best-selling introduction to project finance has been updated to describe the changing financial environment of recent years, including recent developments in credit markets. It has also been considerably expanded to enable key topics to be discussed in greater depth.  Translations in Japanese (2014) and Chinese (2017) have been published; Portuguese translation (to be published in Brazil) in progress.

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